GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜1060000310600003

产品名称:GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜10600003



产品特点:GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜10600003主要参数:
Pore Size0.45 µm
ApplicationWestern, Southern and Northern Blotting
Binding Capacity162-180 µg IgG/cm2
AutoclavableYes (steam autoclave)

10600003GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜10600003的详细资料:

GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜10600003Amersham Protran Premium 0.45 NC 300mm × 4m 1 roll/PK
Nitrocellulose blotting membrane, with 0.45 µm pore size, provides excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background in fluorescence Western blotting detection applications.
High binding capacity (162 – 180 µg IgG/cm2).
Suitable for proteins of a wide range of molecular weights.
Unsupported, 100% pure nitrocellulose membrane for use with all ECL Western blotting systems and protein blotting applications.
Available in popular precut sizes for your application.
Amersham Protran Premium offers excellent sensitivity, resolution, and low background, especially when used with the fluorescence Amersham ECL Plex Western Blotting Detection System.
For convenience, Western blotting sandwiches (10 sandwiches/package) are available, consisting of precut Amersham Protran Premium 0.45 NC membranes preassembled with 2 x 3MM Chr Blotting papers.
GEwhatman 硝酸纤维素膜NC膜10600003主要参数:
Material    Nitrocellulose
Pore Size    0.45 µm
Application    Western, Southern and Northern Blotting
Binding Capacity    162-180 µg IgG/cm2
Autoclavable    Yes (steam autoclave)